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Right and wrong…

Written April 6th, 2011

…or yen and euro. Long time readers know that I have maintained short exposure to both the yen and euro starting in November of 2009 – pretty long by currency traders perspective. I am staying with both positions, but one has been more right than the other, I’m just not sure why.

After toughing a 77 handle right after the tsunami, the yen has gotten progressively weaker and is now trading with an 85 handle. I get that, and I also maintain that it is the most vulnerable developed market currency at this point in time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a 100 handle soon. Easy enough to hold on.

The euro, on the other hand, is more perplexing. We shorted it at 1.5, held on as it went to 1.2, and now are watching it break back up through 1.43. At the same time, Portugal is falling apart, Greece is already undone, and Ireland is shaving all the debt holders. More importantly, Spain is facing 20+% unemployment and about to face a major financial crisis of its own. Trichet has commented that the EU will focus on inflation pressures, signaling that they might raise rates. Two things can happen, rates will rise and the peripheral countries will fail bringing about the breakup of the euro, or Trichet will fall under the pressure and ease. Either way, the markets should be discounting the fact that in both scenarios the euro is in bad shape.

Some have stated that the euro is an FX vent as investors flee the yen. OK, but that is a two-sided statement. I understand the “flee the yen” side, but why flee to the euro? Almost any other currency seems in better shape, including multiple emerging markets currencies. See, for example CEW (no position):

Yet, they’re not outperforming the euro recently. Perplexing, to say the least.

Relevant ETFs: FXY, YCS, FXE, EUO, CEW